The Tat’s Lace Boutique

By: NovaStream Support | January 3, 2023

Welcome to the next step of the continuing journey of Tat’s Lace! I would like to proudly introduce my new website featuring an online shop. Here customers will be able to view and purchase all of the products that I have for sale. The shop will also allow for customization of products such as size and colour if the customer requests it.

Turning a hobby into a small business has proven to be quite a learning experience. From spending countless hours perfecting my lace making technique to developing product lines that appeal to a customer base; then selling at craft shows to now being carried by various gift shops – there have been valuable lessons learned from the mistakes made along the way. Do I expect to become a millionaire selling tatting? No, but what I can do is take the knowledge and skills that I gained from this process and apply them to future opportunities.

This website is an example of what you can accomplish through hard work and determination. Hopefully it will act as a form of motivation to someone who is thinking about turning their hobby into a small business. That person can look at this and say “if she can do it I can definitely do it!”

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