Points of View – Everybody Has One

By: NovaStream Support | January 3, 2023

When you start taking part in craft shows you hear a variety of comments made about your products. Most comments are positive but there are the occasional comments that will catch you off guard. “Imagine giving someone a bookmark” was one of the more peculiar comments that I have heard. I thought it was strange at first since my bookmarks are a popular selling item for me. But I realized that from the person’s point of view it may not be a useful item as they were not into reading as a hobby. As I look back on that moment I start to think of how the bookmark means different things to different people.

From the maker’s point of view it is an end result of a considerable process. Their craft form started out as a hobby at first as they saw it being done and thought it would be interesting to try. Then came the many hours of practice it took to master the art to produce a quality item. As they continue with the craft, original designs begin to be produced.  With the build up of finished products the craft then becomes a potential source of income for the maker.

From the customer’s point of view it is a unique gift with specific meaning discovered at the show. The craft form might have been done by relatives that have passed on and it was being purchased to show to younger family members. The person may be on vacation and would like to buy a locally handmade item as a souvenir to remember their trip. The show gives the customer the chance to talk to the maker and learn about the craft as they watch it being made. This kind of experience gives an added value to the product. 

From the recipient’s point of view the bookmark will be a treasured gift in many ways. It will be a reminder of the friend or family member who purchased the bookmark for them. The one of a kind aspect of the bookmark would be an interesting addition to a reader’s existing collection. They will have the opportunity to learn about their family history as it is a tangible example of a craft form that an ancestor did. The person might also appreciate the fact that the item was handmade and the purchase supported a small business.

So in closing I would like to thank the person for making this comment. They gave me the opportunity to reflect and give an insight in this blog post on how a handmade item can be perceived by people in different ways. Hopefully when you go to the next craft show you can use this insight to see the item on the table in a new light.

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